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Prologue: A Girl on the Plains
Prior to starting a new game on Lyn's Story, a player will be prompted to input their Name, Birth Date, and Gender. A player's Birth Month affects the player's 'Affinity', granting characters with the same Affinity anywhere from 0-9 hit and avoid based on their star ranking (which a player won't be able to see until a few chapters later, when they gain access to the Preparations Screen). The name chosen only affects what characters ingame will call the player. In addition, some dialogue will also change depending on the gender chosen. Take note that the gains from Affinity are negligible enough to be worth almost no merit.

When the game begins, you, the player, will be awakened by a young girl, Lyndis of the Lorca Tribe; though she asks you to just call her "Lyn". She informs you that she had found your unconscious body on the plains and that she was taking care of you until you awoke. Shortly after this conversation, bandits will begin attacking and Lyn asks you to stand back while she deals with them. Then a small tutorial will begin to explain the basic mechanics of the game. You, as the strategist, will never actually participate in battles.


There are only two enemies in this chapter, a brigand and the boss, Batta the Beast. The difficulty is nonexistant on Normal mode, the starting mode for the game, as the tutorial will rig the RNG (Random Number Generator) for you so that Lyn will always deal a critical hit to the boss for triple damage. On Hard Mode, this does not always happen and may require a use of her Vulnerary but nevertheless the difficulty is very minor.

Upon defeating the boss, Batta, Lyn can then seize the throne to complete the chapter. Some short dialogue later, and you have just beaten the Prologue!

Units Gained

Lv 1 LordItemsWeapon LevelsAffinity
A young girl from the Lorca tribe. Stouthearted and kind. Iron Sword
Base Stats164795205

Boss Data

Lv 2 BrigandItemsWeapon LevelsAffinity
A Ganelon bandit. Called the Beast for his savagery. Iron Axe D -

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