Welcome to Valentina

Warring gods divided this continent into two kingdoms: Zofia and Rigel. A divine accord maintained a truce for centuries, but no longer. It will take the power of two armies—in parallel—to bring peace back to the continent of Valentia.

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Meet the heroes

Alm and Celica, the adventure’s protagonists, were childhood friends with a deep bond. Years later, their paths cross again as they lead their armies on very different missions.

character - alm


Alm leaves his village home behind and joins the Deliverance—a rebel army fighting to stop a Zofian coup. His fight will take him further than he ever dreamed.

character - gray

Gray (Villager)

Alm’s childhood friend, Gray is easygoing and loyal.

character - tobin

Tobin (Villager)

Another of Alm’s friends, Tobin likes the idea of earning his own living.

character - faye

Faye (Villager)

One of Alm’s friends, Faye would follow Alm anywhere.

character - kliff

Kliff (Villager)

Kliff is also from Alm's village and is eager to see the world.

character - lukas

Lukas (Soldier)

A dedicated soldier of the Deliverance, Lukas first tells Alm about the fight to free Zofia.

character - clive

Clive (Cavalier)

The well-respected noble who started the Deliverance.

character - silque

Silque (Cleric)

A devotee of the teachings of Mila, she’s rescued from brigands by Alm and his allies.

character - clair

Clair (Pegasus Knight)

Clive’s sister, an outspoken noblewoman fighting for Zofia.

character - celica


Celica believes Zofia’s misfortunes are linked to the goddess Mila. She and her allies embark on a journey across pirate-infested seas to find Mila...whatever it takes.

character - mae

Mae (Mage)

Celica’s best friend, Mae is an eternal optimist who loves to argue with Boey.

character - boey

Boey (Mage)

Boey is very protective of Celica and loves bickering with Mae.

character - genny

Genny (Cleric)

This healer is a soft-spoken but loyal friend to Celica.

character - saber

Saber (Mercenary)

A talented swordsman hired to help Celica reach Mila’s Temple.

character - valbar

Valbar (Knight)

After pirates wiped out his family, he took revenge then joined Celica’s cause.

character - leon

Leon (Archer)

One of Valbar’s crew, he’s something of a romantic.

character - kamui

Kamui (Mercenary)

This quiet yet blunt swordsman is the third member of Valbar’s crew.

character - whitewings


Catria, Palla, and Est: These sisters are all Pegasus Knights, well known for their skill in battle. Fans may remember them from the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon game.

Meet their foes

Founded on military might and power, the Empire of Rigel has turned its gaze on Zofia.


This ambitious young general is Rudolf’s nephew and next in line to become Emperor.



The Emperor of Rigel, Rudolf seems determined to subject all of Valentia to his rule.


A faithful servant of the god Duma and advisor to the emperor, Jedah has arcane powers.