Lead your troops to victory

You’ll need to master the essentials of tactical warfare to survive in this total reimagining of Fire Emblem Gaiden—never before released in the West.

The elements of war

Each army offers a strategic mix of classes with diverse skill sets—and you must lead both into battle. Choose every move carefully throughout grid-based battles that grow ever more challenging.

Prepare for battle screenshot

Prepare for battle

Equip forces with weapons and items before battle. Units equipped with certain weapons may gain special abilities known as Combat Arts.

Plan your strategy screenshot

Plan your strategy

Heed the effects of terrain, check each character’s tactical advantage, and anticipate the enemy’s next move.

Win...or lose screenshot

Win...or lose

Clear the goal for each battle to emerge victorious and collect experience points for your surviving warriors.

New: Explore dungeons in 3D

In a series first, you can control Alm or Celica action-adventure style as they explore dungeons for loot, items, and enemies. Touch an enemy and a grid-based battle will begin.

Be sure to check your units’ fatigue levels—they may not fight as well if they’re tired.

Explore Dungeons screenshot

Get stronger as you go

Once a character has enough experience on the battlefield, they can class-change by visiting a Mila Idol within each dungeon.
Heroes can only change to the next class in that line, but they can move up to the next level—making them even more lethal.

Character classes
Here are a few of the many classes available in-game.

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Tips for the journey ahead

There’s a lot to learn as you make a name for yourself as a leader. Here’s some advice to get you started.

Fire Emblem Difficulty screenshot

Difficulty options

When you start a new game, you can choose options such as Classic Mode, where fallen warriors are gone forever.

Fire Emblem Relationship screenshot


Position heroes next to each other on the battlefield and you may get to see extra conversations between characters.

Fire Emblem Tour Towns screenshot

Tour the towns

You can visit towns and villages to talk to locals, look for items, and get quests. You may even meet new recruits to add to your armies.

Fire Emblem Experience screenshot


Need to level up certain characters? Use them to explore 3D dungeons as many times as you like.

Fire Emblem Choose Your Battle screenshot

Choose your battles

Keep an eye on the map for new enemies that pop up in areas you’ve visited—then go get ‘em.

Fire Emblem Mila's Turnwheel screenshot

Mila’s Turnwheel

You can use this special function during battle to revert back to a previous turn...helpful if you make a bad choice.