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Lead your warriors into battle

Move your units along a grid-shaped battlefield and devise the perfect plan of attack. Youfll need to account for terrain, weapons, and warrior classes. Even the personal bond between allies can sway the tide of battle. Every decision counts\and any one of them can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

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  • Strengthen your bond with allies
  • About weapons and classes

Strengthen your bond with allies

Team up with an ally

The Support feature lets two allies standing next to each other fight together as a team, strengthening their bond as they converse and build a relationship on the battlefield. This allows for enhanced abilities in a single turn\and the more they converse, the greater the enhancements.

Game Screen

Game Screen

Double up for the battle

Selecting Pair Up when next to an ally puts one unit in the same square as another, into rear guard position. This pair will then move together throughout the entire battle. While the rear guard unit cannot attack, his or her presence increases the front unitfs stats, and the two units can switch positions during battle.

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Abilities increase when pairing up.

More pair up features

Knights have low Move, while Pegasus Knights have high Move.

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A knight with low move ability

Game Screen

When paired with a Pegasus Knight, its range of movement increases.

Game Screen

Posting a rear guard protects the front unit from attack, allowing you to build up weaker characters.

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