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  • Battle
  • Bonds
  • Training

Lead your warriors into battle

Move your units along a grid-shaped battlefield and devise the perfect plan of attack. Youfll need to account for terrain, weapons, and warrior classes. Even the personal bond between allies can sway the tide of battle. Every decision counts\and any one of them can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

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  • Strengthen your bond with allies
  • About weapons and classes

About weapons and classes

Different classes have their own mastery of weapons, and other unique characteristics?for example an Archerfs proficiency with a bow, or a Knight wearing thick, heavy armor. Here are some examples.

The Pegasus Knight hovers in the air and is strong against magic, but weak against arrows.

Game Screen

The Knight is clad in heavy armor, which is strong against weapons, but weak against magic.

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The Cleric uses a staff to heal characters, but she cannot attack.

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Magic and arrow attacks can be used from far away.

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There are many more class capabilities and features to discover.

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