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Expand your Fire Emblem experience far beyond the main story with multiplayer features, additional maps, items, characters, and more.

  • Double Duel (Local Multiplayer)
  • Exchange teams (StreetPass)
  • Get new maps & items (SpotPass)
  • DLC (Downloadable Content)


By purchasing additional maps, you can access episodes outside of the main story. Keep checking back here for updates. * Additional maps can be downloaded from the game's Outrealm Gate once you have reached a certain point in the story. * A Nintendo eShop balance is required to purchase additional content.


Game Screen

All sorts of content can be acquired.

Game Screen

Turn the new team leader into an ally.


Bonus Team Bonus Items Bonus Maps Bonus Challengers
Fire Emblem Tyrfing The Dead King's Lament Virion's Archest
The Sacred Stones Luna Irreconcilable Paths Lon'qu's Blades
Path of Radiance Vengeance A Hard Miracle Stahl's Horsemen
Radiant Dawn Astra Ghost of a Blade Vaike's Victory
Shadow Dragon Mjölnir The Wellspring of Truth Ricken's Chosen
Gaiden Mystletainn The Radiant Hero Henry's Spellslingers
Mystery of the Emblem Gáe Bolg Gaius's Sneak Attack
Genealogy of the Holy War Gen 1 Armads Tharja's Curse
Genealogy of the Holy War Gen 2 Nidhogg Gregor's Swell Swords
Thracia 776 Forseti Say'ri's Ascension
The Binding Blade Book of Naga Tiki's Wyverns
Other Double Bow Army of Shadow

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