Skill Effect Activation
Adept Allows a consecutive attack. (AS)%
Duel Activates another round of combat when user's HP/Speed are great than the enemy's. 100%
Nihil Negates Critical/Sol/Astra/Luna skills and effective bonus towards user. 100%
Steal Can steal weapons/items if user's Speed is greater than the enemy's speed and the user's Build is greater than the item's weight. 100%
Vantage Always attack first. 100%
Wrath Always critical on counter attacks. (Does not work when combined with Vantage.) 100%
Bargain User can buy and repair items at half price. -
Charm All units within 3 spaces receive 10 hit/avoid from the user. -
Dance Refreshes the movement of an adjacent unit. -
Paragon Doubles the EXP received by the user. (4x in Paragon Mode.) -
Renewal User restores 10-20% HP at the beginning of each turn. -
Astra Activates 5 consecutive attacks. (Skl)%
Luna Negates the enemy's defense/resistance and cannot miss. (Skl)%
Sol Restores HP equal to the damage done to the enemy and cannot miss. (Skl)%
Miracle If the enemy's attack will defeat the user, the user gains 100% avoid. (Lck * 3)%
Great Shield Prevents all damage. (User's Lv)%